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Dungeon Gig is a generic ruleset for dungeon-crawling adventures inspired by D&D B/X and Fighting Fantasy. This mini-zine was written for the One-Page RPG Jam but I have plans to develop it further into a bigger edition but it already has rules for  solo play.

Dungeon is a Minimalist TTRPG inspired by the  OSR movement.

Some of the features include:

A D20 core mechanic with a single stat A classe system (optional) Freeform sorcery, cast whatever you want with a HP cost
Complete rules  Levels base advancement Solo Mode for Dungeon Crawl

Future Complements:

A sample bestiary with classic monster A sample starting setting with NPCs and adventure hooks An inventory of treasure and magic items
New Solo AdventuresModules Hacks

Feel free to give your feedback and suggestions in the comments. 

Thanks for your support!

Got some english edition! Check it out.

Minor layout and mechanicals corrections. 27/07/2021

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AuthorLucas Rolim


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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In Solo mode have you had any thoughts about surrender or retreat options?

Rolling Stat versus Monster Difficulty (+1 for each additional opponent) feels superficially fair but I think there needs to be something about the monsters pursuing the party if they are left with no opponents, i.e. the party are fleeing the dungeon if they all retreat.

In Solo mode is the 3d6 option for Stat 3 monsters a typo? The suggested party size is three to four and if you generate more than two monsters per character they are extremely likely to lose.

It feels like this entry is meant to be 2d6.

With the HP cost for magic do you round up or down?

When you spend a stat point for a spell are all derived values also reduced or just stat?

All derived values, I will make it more clear in the text. Thanks.

is it just me or any character with a stat of 1 can't do much?

combat: very risky, but, okay, you can try to avoid combat. or traps. or anything that could wipe your unique HP.

magic: no you can't, because using magic would also wipe out your unique HP.

I'm a bit skeptical. I really like the "one-stat" idea, but I think it leaves no chance if you try to play a character with a single stat of one, unless you give them plenty of valuable equipment, or a treasure, or leave a guardian angel around.

Thanks for sharing. 1 for stat is almost impossible, unless you roll a 1-1-1, and also if you use the classes, you can get a +1 if you are a warrior. Hope it is clear. 

yes, I see it's highly improbable (0, 077% chance, if I got the math right)... but not impossible, so I was wondering if it wasn't a mistake. That'd be quite challenging (and possibly "fun") to try this out. But not as a solo player, methinks.


Yeah, osr/Cthulhu dark vibes. lol

also, for solo play I suggested a 3 to 4 characters for each party. If have a very weak one, could be a good handy used just for tests.