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While Pacts & Blades provides basic system rules with a Moorcockian flavor, it does not provide any setting information or descriptive text to help Judges and players acclimate to the system.

This zine sets you up with tables and tools that will help you generate the campaign’s bizarre environment through random rolls in an organic and readily usable way—something practical to be rolled during sessions, or when preparing adventures for the more cautious Judge

In this issue you will find:

A random generator to quickly seed your adventures with CHAOS CREATURES, a MOORCOCKIAN SCENARIO GENERATOR to aid you in plotting the perfect weird and perilous adventure, 

Two alternative rules which enhance your Pact magic with Order and Chaos through ALIGNMENT POINTS, as well as with a BARGAIN system to mitigate Partial Successes with cards. This cards have the incredible art from @BProsaiko 

In the files you'll find:

Zine and CardsWith and without bleed filesSpread format
Complete rules Rad layout and artPlay on the fly system

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorLucas Rolim
GenreRole Playing


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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PB_-_Cards_Salamandur_Household_Sem_Sangria.pdf 6 MB
Salamandur_household_A5_NO_BLEEDS.pdf 17 MB


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I had troubles ordering your Pacts&Blades products. The main rules showed up in my library, but this one and Silent Tower are not showing up in it. I got notification from paypal the payment was sent, but when I look at my account, it shows payments for those are pending. Any help would be appreciated

hit me in my email. roliml@gmail.com


I have been charged by paypal for Pacts&Blades and had an issue downloading it (but managed to do it with my itch library)

Same issue with Salamandur, but can’t find it in library this time

Can you help ? Thanks in advance


Of course, I'll reach you on twitter.

Will any of the Pacts and Blades material be seeing another physical release anytime soon? Would love to grab physical copies of these.

Thanks for the interest. It will for sure! At Exalted Funeral and Soul Muppet publishing.

Thanks again!